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Hakone Hana Gion Sansei
Sushi Paradise


Name:Hakone Restaurant and Sushi Bar
Address:5400 Makena Alanui Rd., Kihei, Maui, HI
Phone:(808) 874-1111
Opened:Tues-Sat: 6pm-9-30pm
Reviews:"My name is Ivan and I work at the Maui Prince Hotels´s Hakone Sushi Bar. I had a look at your sushi page and loved it! If you come to Maui someday please check out our sushi bar, I make lots of special rolls! I make crunch snakes, crunch mermaids, rice rockets and lots more, about 87 to be exact. Check out my webpage and keep up the good work!"
- Ivan Bersamin ( [August 17th 1997]
"Hi! I´m a flight attendant and I travel a lots of cities all around the US, I make it a point to try out different sushi bars and nothing close to the sushi bar at the Maui Prince Hotels Hakone Restaurant! There´s a sushi chef named Ivan that makes totally unbelievable rolls and he´s very friendly too! If you get a chance to visit the Maui Prince Hotel make sure you go to the Hakone Restaurant Sushi Bar and order some of those rolls! I highly recommend the Japan crunch snake !!"
- Dayna Tanaka [October 3rd 1997]
Link:Ivan Bersamin´s homepage

Maui Island

Hana Gion

Name:Hana Gion
Address:3550 Wailea Alanui Drive, Wailea, Maui, Hawaii 96753
Phone:(808) 879-4900
Fax:(808) 874-9421
Opened:Nightly except thursdays 6pm - 9pm
Review:"I work in Wailea, and Hana Gion´s a great Japanese restaurant located near my office ! Right now, they´ve got a special Saturday Night Sushi Buffet promotion, with all-you-can-eat sushi and other Japanese food. I think it´s available only for a limited time, but the price is unbeatable for what you get !!"
- Luly Unemori ( [April 9th 1998]

Maui Island


Name:Sansei Seafood Restaurant & Sushi Bar
Address:1881 South Kihei Road #KT-116,Kihei,Maui,HI 96753
Phone:(808) 879-0004
Opened:5:30pm-10pm, Late Night Dining Thursday, Friday and Saturday 10:00 PM to Close
Reviews:"The owner DK Kodama makes the best sushi! He can create anything with all the stuff you like. Itīs the bomb ! "
- Diane Y. Kodama ( [June 21st 1997]
"Sansei is incredible!! I live about 10 minutes away and visit almost every week. Their sushi is creative and delicious, and the Maui location provides the freshest fish for their creations. I take anyone who visits me to Sansei, as a matter of fact,Iīm going tonight. If youīre on the island, donīt miss Sansei!!"
- John ( [July 11th 1999]
"We have been going to Maui for the past 5 years, and every time we're on the island we make the trek to Sansei. Their entire menu is awesome! And very family friendly. Check out their special discount hours. We'll be back in a few weeks to try it out again. Can't wait! "
- Shelley and Steve from Calgary, Canada [Sept 10th 2003]
"We are in Maui every July and we always make 2 to 3 trips to Sansei. The food is phenomenal and chefs are entertaining. "
- Ryan ( [Feb 16th 2005]
"Sansei is a huge operation. Loud place, waiters do their best. Their sushi/sashimi is mediocre at best. If you want quantity: Fine. If you want quality ? Avoid. "
- Sushi World Guide [Jan 12th 2016]
Link:Restaurant Website

Maui Island

Sushi Paradise

Name:Sushi Paradise
Address:1215 S. Kihei Road (Azeka Place II near Long's Drugstore, Maui Island,HI
Phone:(808) 879-3751
Reviews:"This is the best traditional sushi on Maui. Sansei is creative and fun ... but this place has fish that will melt in your mouth. "
- Kevin and Ayumi ( [January 14th 2002]
"If you want the most incredible sushi in the world eat here! "
- Alex [Dec 15th 2005]
"The best sushi I've ever had, this one man operation is open all days except Mondays. You better get here at 6PM, because he doesn't take reservations and its first come first served. Incredible stuff. So consistently delightful, its well worth the price. "
- J.B. [Nov 4th 2006]
"Just visited Sushi Paradise last night. We went after looking at good reviews on this site, and discovered that there was no exaggeration. This is not a tourist trap with creative productions etc. It's just a no frills sushi joint where the food is the star of the show. And is it ever. Best sushi I've tasted anywhere. One man show where the owner makes all the food - including the in-house made desserts. The fish literally melts in your mouth. We didn't think the unagi or the shrimp was the best we tasted, but EVERYTHING else was by far the best we have had, including their salad (mixed seafood / seaweed with the best octopuss I've tasted, and I did NOT like octopus before this!) and miso soup. Very highly recommended. "
- A.K. (Visited February 25, 2007) [Feb 28th 2007]
"Wow! We ate here last month. The sushi was better than at Sansei, some of the best we'd ever eaten, in fact. The other reviewers are correct that the ambiance isn't the greatest, but the sushi is very fresh and very well prepared, and our portions were exceedingly generous. Note that there's a rush at opening time (6 PM). Several folks were turned away because the restaurant was too busy, but by about 7:30 the crowd had cleared. "
- Blake & Michelle ( [July 16th 2007]

Maui Island

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