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Japanese Please! Le Sushi Bar Maki Beirut
Maki CLOSED ! Soto Restaurant Tokyo

Japanese Please!

Name:Japanese Please!
Address:Bliss Street, Hamra, Beirut
Review:"A Casual Sushi Bar set in front of the American University of Beirut in Bliss Street. It's okay, for a Japanese fast food restaurant. Does Home Deliveries. "
- [Jan 5th 2004]


Le Sushi Bar

Name:Le Sushi Bar
Address:Beirut, Lebanon
Phone:(961-1) 337-888
Fax:(961-4) 405-896
Opened:12.30pm-4pm, 8.30pm - midnight
Review:"Wide variety of sushi, sashimi, maki, temaki, chirashi sushi and spiral rolls . The only sushi bar in the Middle East. Very cost effevtive. It is the hottest spot in town. Typical Japanese decoration."
- Elias Chabtini ( [August 17th 1998]


Maki Beirut

Name:Maki Beirut
Address:Beirut Homes Building, Damascus Road & Habib Basha El Saad Road, Aschrafeih,
Phone:+961 1 426222; +961 1 426333 or 03 92-MAKI (0392-6254)
Opened:Daily 12:00pm till 3:30 pm ,7:30 pm till 12:00 midnight
Review:"Maki, a contemporary fusion Japanese Restaurant, has just launched its soft opening, in the Beirut Homes Building, Achrafeih, in the heart of Beirut. The aura and feel of the restaurant is quite different to any found in Lebanon. Its cold and very eccentric, yet warm and comforting. Maki's decoration and style, like the food, is a fusion of various elements all sealed together greatly, with jagged and sharp elements. Most importantly, the food, goes without saying, is d-e-l-i-c-i-o-u-s! With freshest quality of foods, and very quirky presentations and amalgamations of special and exotic ingredients, Maki is definitely on top of their game. Yet the most vital thing that makes Maki illuminate the way it does, is its food. No Japanese restaurant can compare to Maki, for in Maki you can find ranges and varieties like no other. Whether you are a true lover of traditional Japanese food, such as Udon, Sukiyaki, or if you have no idea what those are, and prefer something cooked, such as teppanyaki, tempura, and vegetable fried rice, or are a lover of diverse types of maki's, Maki has the largest variety of food choices. With the highest quality in everything ranging from its Angus beef, to Foie Gras, Maki is definitely regarded as gourmet, with prices that are perfectly fit for such quality. When you first open the menu, there are countless numbers of items to choose from. Depending on the customers taste, there are salads with raw fish, such as the Oliver salad, and some without raw fish, such as the famous crispy salad, with its unique spiciness that will make your tongue squeal with delight. For chicken lovers, there are over five different plates that serve chicken, and for meat starters there is the negimayaki, flavorful with crunchy spring onion. As for teppanyaki, the Angus beef literally tastes like its melting in your mouth, and the lobster drowning in its creamy sauce is exquisite. These are just a few of the items that are among the cooked foods. New exclusively to Beirut's Maki, is Asafeeyr teppanyaki! Besides the fact that Maki holds traditional Japanese food as well as fusions and cooked foods, Maki is known for its eccentric and crazy maki's, of which there are a bounteous number, over 100; dissimilar ones, all with their own distinctive flavor and with special ingredients. Whatever you like in a maki, you are guaranteed to find it. From the simplest of plain, to the exotic and spectacular crunches, your taste buds can experience a variety of flavors like never before! So whether you are lovin' saucy zests, or sweet spiciness, Maki is here for all taste buds. "
- Fadwa ( [Dec 26th 2009]
Link:Restaurant Website



Name:Maki CLOSED !
Address:Uruguay St. Next to Timberland, (Down Town), Beirut
Phone:01 97-MAKI (01 97-6254) or 03 92-MAKI (03 92-6254)
Review:"Opened in March 2005. Finest Japanese Restaurant in the Middle East. Same as the one in Kuwait. A fusion concept based on original blend of refined and creative Japanese gastronomy in a relaxed and sophisticated atmosphere...At 'Maki' you will find the widest range of creative and highest quality sushi, sashimi and makis in town. In addition to the traditional Japanese cuisine like: Udon (Japanese Noodles), Yosinabi, Sukiyaki, Tempura, Teppanyaki and Teriyaki. Maki restaurant offers, as well, a wide range of exquisite and innovative plates including: Prawn Filo Tempura, Creamy lobster, Black Cod Fish, Ostrich Teppanyaki, US Black Angus Beef, and the famous Japanese Kobe Beef. Value for Money..Reasonable Prices "
- Fadwa ( [May 9th 2005]
Link:Restaurant Website


Soto Restaurant

Name:Soto Restaurant
Address:Achrafeyeh, Beirut
Review:"Very nice restaurant, does all kind of food but it specializes in Sushi. Reasonable prices, and excellent quality. "
- [Jan 5th 2004]



Address:Rawche, Beirut
Review:"Very nice decoration on the inside. Wide variety of dishes. Sake available. "
- Andre Mhani [Oct 13th 2003]



Review:"Amazing atmosphere, amazing food, amazing setting and bar.A huge elevator is actually situated in the middle, it will take you either to the sushi bar or to the club, you will just fall in love with that trendy place. "
- Natasha ( [October 18th 2002]


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